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Chicken soup for a hungry girl

Yesterday I felt really weird. I called Tony and asked him how changing up the eating schedule on my day off affects me. He said it can, but to make sure I’m eating at 2 hours so it won’t be a big deal. Duh…I thought it was three hours. Ok so I’m STARVING at 3 […]

Tony Followers, sound off

Ok, I was wondering how everyone takes their “stuff”…ie ACV, lemon juice, green tea extract, etc. I’m looking for variations. Here’s me: AVC – I shoot it staight up. Lemon Juice – in my water. Green Tea Extract – In my coffee,then with the lemon juice water with a splenda. Glutamine – in my Myoplex […]

Thoughts on the weekend and rest day

First of all, my thoughts on the weekend. I’m having a really hard time enjoying my weekends for the past month. I know a lot of it is getting over the fact that most of the gatherings we have are wrapped around food. Lots of it and all kinds of fatty stuff. So, I’m either […]

Olive Garden not a good choice

We went to Olive Garden last night and I was sadly disappointed. They had only one choice for me and even then, I got the grilled chicken it had some form of breading on it. I scraped what I could but probably got some unwanted calories, etc in there and it wasn’t nearly enough food. […]

Kid’s Menu

I told the kids if they were really good while dad was gone they could pick any place to go out to eat when he got back. They chose Olive Garden. So I went online to see what I can eat from there. Pretty much every meal is covered in some sort of sauce and […]

Now serving shredded calves and broccoli.

If you have that feeling of nausea and dizzyness and think why the f. am I putting myself through this, yep, you’re working your calves. My calves better look kick ass after what I did to them today. All I have to say is those other girls better be working their butts off. To touch […]

Is this thing on?

Am I doing this right? I gotta call Tony. I feel lost.

January 23, 2007 114 lbs.

I’m almost what I weighed in high school that is so weird to me. When you start having kids everyone says you’ll never go back to where you were before. I guess I’ve proved them wrong, huh? And I think it’s a better me at that weight.

Will she walk again?

I just printed out my leg workout for tomorrow and… holy crap! I’m scared. At least I’m working out after work tomorrow instead of in the AM since hubby will be gone. So, I won’t have to walk up and down stairs at school all day afterwards. we’ll see how it goes. Also weigh in […]

Press on

Despite a uncomfortable living situation that caused me much grief today, I press on. My goal for the next four days is not step on the scale. Not even once until Tuesday morning for weigh in. Ask me if I can do it. Go ahead.