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Continuing the theme of pants…

Mishap #1: I’m in my new totally hot pants today for work – yeah, size 1, uh huh! 9:30 rolls around. I very non-chalantly get out my shake and begin to mix it up. I’m talking with my students, finish shaking, open the thing up – then something distracts me. “Oh yeah, I was shaking […]


I’ve got pants. Who need’s em? I have three pairs of these exact pants in denim, and light pink, too – Size 6. They are Gap cropped, stretch and semi-low rise. I need to unload some so I can get some new pants. Soon I’ll be in my knickers with no pants left to wear. […]

Ok, now I’m serious

Just got these. Eggs, anyone? Seriously, who buys a huge tub of egg whites? I guess I do. It is so great. Scoop, microwave, eat. Nice and quick. Maybe some of you want to go in on the bulk deal next time: Buy 8, get 4 free. Wow! We could have egg whites well into […]

Pectoral Muscles Targeted by Fundamentalists

Read More PS. It’s from The Onion

I like muscles

Ok? There. I said it. I went to the Iron Man figure competition and Bodybuilding Pro Finals. It was so fun. I am really impressed with the hard work the competitors put in. I know some of them cannot be 100% natural, but none the less, it is hard work. Those men were huge! And […]

Totally Unrelated to Fitness

My mother in law is nuts. How many days until we move? God, give me strength.

Sneak Peek

I took some pictures tonight, but I’m going to take more in the morning and pick the better ones for Tony. I am actually pretty pleased. This suit is way more flattering than that other floral one that squeezes my butt all over the place.   Here’s the start photos to compare:

Sweet Valentine

I went to bed when I got home from work and stayed there until morning. My sweet hubby brought me flowers, chicken soup, crackers and I’ll confess now, I had a Diet Coke. I haven’t had one in 6 weeks. It was just something that sounded good. It was but I don’t crave it like […]

Think I caught the bug

I feel weak. Nauseated. Shaky. Nothing sounds good to eat. I thought it had passed me by! Dang.

Did ya…

ever have one of those days where eveything is so right on that you cannot stop smiling. Yeah. Uh huh. Today is that day. I started out running my warm up at 5.0 (usually it’s a 3.5),then nearing the end of my workout, one of the regulars mentioned I looked like I should be on […]