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Spaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Day

As I mentioned last time I was going to get waxed on Saturday and yes, I did! We went to this fabulous Spa near LA where my friend’s friend does waxing. We got there early to use the facility before our appointments. We sat in the hot tub, steam room and sauna. We drank Lemon […]

See that girl ——–>her name is “She-Hulk”

…but the face is mine. Anyway, that’s how I felt today at the gym. I started taking NO Shotgun today…whooooooaaaaa. Crazy rush I got. I seriously felt high. I’m not sure what all is in that stuff but I was a lifting machine, I tell ya. I skipped the gym in the morning after my […]

Part I I met with another trainer last night and had a much better experience, so far. I’m going to have a posing session with him on Saturday so hopefully it will go well and he can help me for the next few weeks. He says the has a few other girls that he is […]

I stink

No, really. I almost killed myself last night going to the bathroom because my husband had set up a fan in front of the door because when he came to bed the room needed some “fresh air”. “Have you changed your diet again?” he asks. 9 weeks, honey.

Looooong Talk with T

Bottom line- I need more muscle. My legs look great. Do not be discouraged and walk and talk like a champion.

9 Weeks

Be honest…is this body gonna be ready?


The was the word Tony used to describe the trainer I met with in yesterdays post. He talked me down from my ledge and we’re all good now. I still don’t have aposing coach, but I’m working on it. Yeesh. I didn’t know it was going to be a pain to get this set up.

Posing and frustration

I met with a trainer at a gym I don’t go to. I was thrown first of all becuase he said I would need to join the gym for $75 a month and he charges $50 an hour for training. Yow! I can’t do that. Then he has me get my suit on and begins […]

Totally 80’s!

We’re having a big party at our house tonight with an 80′s theme! I’m so excited! We are combining it with a Murder Mystery Party…gonna be blast. Now if I can stay away from the champagne! Argh. Why did I have the party now?

Open up here comes the choo choo…

Here’s how I ate my sweet potaotes today… Pretty darn yummy!