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Think it’s too hard?

Check this out… Barbie

More suit woes

I’m on the verge of tears. T says the one piece is not fitting properly. ARGH! The thought of trying to find a new one makes me exhausted. I wonder if I could get it altered or something. Dang. it.

Thanks, God!

Weigh in was great and T said “I’m really happy with where you are.” Of course there is the ever present desire for more muscle, but I’m trying! Wa Hoo!

Progress: 27 days to go

Things are going well. The extra oatmeal and sweet potato hapled a lot. I’m ready to win. I doubt if any of the other girls are busting their butts like me. Thank you. I’m pretty sure I’ll go with this suit as it feels so much better. The blue one is way prettier in color […]

Figure Prep Prayer

Please God let my weigh in tomorrow be a good one and my pictures make my trainer say “wow, you’re doing just right!” Amen PS: Oh yeah, and please let the VERY hairy man at the gym wax, shave or cover up with clothing, and preferably not the spandex shorts that give out wayyyyyy TMI. […]

Those three little words…

“Have more carbs” Ahhh. Days like these were made for lovin’. Oatmeal, that is. I woke up today ehahausted, which means after 50ish minutes of cardio, I was freaking dead. Today was the first day I’ve truly felt like my body was being pushed as far as it could and then some. I texted Tony […]

Water, Gum and Salsa

My three amigos. Today’s observations: 1. I think I’ve hurt my ankle. Sticking to elliptical for now. 2. I suddenly love pudding. Or at least I think I would. 3. The food channel has become increasingly interesting. 4. This is still not real to me. 5. My hubby is ready for this to be over. […]

Look Up ^

Did you see my countdown? O.M.G

At the gym much?

I’m thinking my time at the gym is overtaking my brain. Today I was talking with my 8th graders and as I was getting ready to say “Go to lockers” out came “Go to the gym”. I didn’t even realize I said it and they were laughing hysterically telling me what I had said. Duh.

I have ab veins

I’m excited. This means the BF is dropping. I’ve done no carb depletion yet, so I’m still fairly sane. I am super sore these days though. I think the shotgun is really pushing me. You should see the veins in my arms when I finish lifting. It’s almost horror movie worthy. I feel like am […]