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A great weekend

I ate a lot. I miss eating. My daughter says I’m more fun when I’m eating. Welp, back to the gindstone. Back to the crabby, dieting me. Sorry, family. I’ll try to be nicer.

NO Shotgun tastes like S#$%

I’m telling you, I’m following the plan. I’m eating and drinking and swallowing and pumping and running and flexing. I do it all. In all the days I have been listening to Tony, this is the hardest yet. This stuff is crap. I would rather shoot 10 doses of ACV back to back than drink […]

I had to laugh

May 2nd- My words “My mental state has kicked in. I’m all over this.” May 5th- My Words “Mental Blahs” What a mixed up game this is! LOL PS I ate ALL my green beans today! Yay, me!

They’re here!

I got my suits and no, you can’t see them. I’m going to decorate them this weekend and then you can see. One thing I CAN tell you is they are SMALL! Yikes. I’m pretty excited though! It feels more real every day. Today at school a 1st grader waked up to me and looked […]


They always throw me out of whack. I have become this creature of habit and schedule. I guess it’s good, but I need to work on maintaining control on my days off work. Not that I’m out of control, just different. It’s weird. I’m home today with sick kids, but since I didn’t know I […]

Mental Blahs

I’m having a mental blah day. I woke up not wanting to get up. I was hungry but so tired. I finally got up and couldn’t decide when to workout. After I ate and got dressed to go to the gym- for the first time ever, I seriously did NOT want to go. I whined […]

Lat Disobedience

Could someone please tell me how to flippin flex my back?

Conversation with T

Me: I’m tired and hungry. T: Yep, that’s normal. Me: My diet is monotonous. T: Yep, sure is. Me: Any changes? T: No. Just what we talked about before. Eat your snack earlier. Me: Um, ok. T: Send me pictures every Friday, ok? Me: Gotcha. Pretty earth shattering, huh? Main idea: More of the same. […]


1. I’m a little bored of chicken. 2. I’m pretty tired. 3. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. It’s better. (so far) 4. I’m finally meeting some other competitiors in my area, which is comforting. 5. I’m a stud at the gym, which is a huge ego boost. 6. Balancing competing and social […]