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Here I Am!

Six days later, and a few lbs heavier… I have enjoyed my week of recovery a. lot. I have been trying pretty much everything food wise I missed for 6 months. It plays a bit of havoc on the digestive system, but things are getting back to normal. I’m ready to get back into a […]

Ventura Mother of 3 Takes…

4th in B Class at the Jr California Figure Competition! Yeah, 4th. It sounds pretty good until you add that there were 6 in the class. I’m not upset though. I had a blast. It was seriously exhausting, but so fun. There were 12 girls in the 35+ class and I placed 7th there. The […]

1 coat down

My first coat of Jan Tana is on! I think it looks a bit weird in places. Hopefully it will blend as the layers go on. I cannot tell you how excited I am. My thoughts of never doing this again are fading. I’m already looking at a contest in October. Geez, can I get […]

Check Out the T by T…

Actually my husband got it together. We tried to add ‘Diva’ to it but couldn’t make it look right without being dorky. So, for now, just this. But, I love it and will be very proud to sport it at the contest, um, yeah… THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! (I got it big to wear over […]

Stocking up

on these… and these… No, I’m not sharing.


They are looking good. Abs are decent. Hope everything falls in on Saturday.  

Carb Deplete, day 3

Ok, here I am. I’m a noodle. I think the heaviest I lifted today was 45 and that was on lat pulldowns, which I usually do a lot more. A skinny weakling. I weighed in at 108.9 at 5 am. My waist was 24.25 in. I’m hoping for 24 on competition day. We’ll see. So […]

Carb Deplete, day 2

So, I survived day 1. I was soooo tired all day. Not too grumpy, but sick of everyone asking me why I am so tired. I’m gonna sleep some extra today. Thank God I don’t have to be in school. Wednesday is carb up day and I’m dreaming of all the yummy things I want. […]

Carb Deplete, day 1

Hoping it goes well. I’ve been bragging about how great I feel. I don’t want to eat my words. Or, maybe I do. Do they have carbs?

Double Up Day

I wasn’t able to get to the gym for abs yesterday with all of the end of the school year festivities, so I decided to double up today: Back and Abs. It was actually not too bad. The only thing was that it seemed like every other person there was doing back, too. I had […]