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Comb-over Guy

I had to share about this guy at the gym. He’s a sad sight really. I feel sorry for him sometimes. Then I just have the think he brings it upon himself. Today was the topper. He’s usually just kinda weird. He’s got a very obviously dyed com over…well, actually, comb FORWARD, but anyway-He is […]

Going Short?

I’m toying with going short with my hair. Whadaya think?

Plyos are my friend.

I have been changing up my workouts just for fun and to keep my muscles guessing. If you get Oxygen magazine, you may have seen the plyometrics workouts in there. For the last couple of weeks I have alternated them with cardio. I love it. They are so hard and really kick my butt. It […]

Guess What?

I won the lottery in the UK! MY ticket (which I didn’t buy) has the winning serial number attached to the winning numbers just picked, in the UK (where I have not been since I was 15)! I’m one of four people. I have to claim my 200,000 pounds sterling asap. LMAO OK people. How […]

I snuck in…don't tell mom.

I had to post a quickie… My daughter (9) let me know last night that when her dad took her to Olive Garden for dinner she stole all the splenda from the table for me. How sweet. I think? I don’thave the heart to tell her I’m trying to quit splenda. Ok. Back to my […]

Computer Time Out

I have to put myself on a time out from this thing. I’m getting nothing done. Email only for at least two days. See you in a little while.

"Eat This" Starring New York City's finest Restaurant food

My weekend of fun and food began at the Long Beach airport… Our dinner was at a latin fusion restaurant where we had amazing fresh guacamole and this…a fancy quesadilla. That next night we ate at a steak place, neither of us had steak. I had this… crab stuffed lobster…oh my. so. good. We spent […]

This commercial break…

I left my camera  at my sisters so last night’s plan to post my NY pics didn’t happen. So, I thought I’d show you guys my potential 2 piece for my next comp. I was able to sell the two that I bought that didn’t fit, so I can afford at least one new suit. […]

It's Fabulous, right?

“Right” is my new culture-ism or something like that. In NY that’s what people say. Like in Hawaii, after a statement locals say “yeah?” or in Canada, supposedly they say, ‘eh?”. Well, in NY it is “right?” IE “It’s a beautiful day, right?” So, all that to say, we had a fabulous time and I’m […]

Off to the City!

We’re taking off for a few days for a long awaited trip to NYC my hubby gave me for my Birthday  (in March). I stupidly weighed this morning. It only looks to get worse. Cardio better become my friend again, REAL quick. But I’m not going to think about that until Tuesday. See ya’ll then!