This commercial break…

I left my camera¬† at my sisters so last night’s plan to post my NY pics didn’t happen. So, I thought I’d show you guys my potential 2 piece for my next comp. I was able to sell the two that I bought that didn’t fit, so I can afford at least one new suit. I may just get the one piece altered to fit better and stick with that for the next one. Several people have suggested red for the next time a round so I’m going for it. What do you think? Be honest. I haven’t ordered it yet.

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5 Responses to “This commercial break…”

  1. Trojan says:

    that is one HOT suit….wow

  2. Stef says:

    I LOVE THE RED! It is very similar to the 2pc that I was going to borrow from Carole Ingram.

    Go with RED!


  3. Aprl says:

    Red would look perfect on you!! If you wanna keep the $$$ down e-mail that pic to Amy at She is awesome and will make that suit for half the price. Just a suggestion :)

  4. Jen says:

    OMG Martha!! That’s the ticket! Buy that sucka…or one like it! You could even bling it up a little more! WOWEEE… can’t wait to see red on you… I really think it’s your color girl!

  5. jenn says:

    This is a pretty suit. You have always loved the color red too!!

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