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Here is a comparison shot of the B Class from the comp. I refuse to post the one from the Masters because I look like crap.  I took the ass-vice of this one video and shoved my butt out. It really didn’t look good. My mom tried to tell me and I scoffed at her. […]

(Some) Post Show (Boring) Thoughts

I’m not posting because I feel like a bit of a sloth. My eating has been less than spectacular and I’m planning to compete in a mere 3+ months. I haven’t felt like doing cardio one stinking bit. I still love my lifting but those stupid cardio machines are like torture to me right now. […]

Thanks, Michelle in FLorida!

What a fun surprise to get in the mail…the shirt below came and I am so excited! I have wanted one for awhile just never got around to getting one. Thanks, friend. (Too bad I can’t flex without looking like I’m trying to squeeze my brain out of my head. hee hee) My hammies are […]

Lookie Me!

I’m a Buff Butterfly! Ha Ha.

Yeah, I killed it, alright

I have never been able to REALLY feel my back work. Until today. The Rep scheme was 3 sets wide grip pullups (then narrow grip), to failure. Holy cow. Now, mind you, I did do the assisted as un-assisted as I could.  I am FEELING my back. I also did supersets of Rows with bent […]

The Plan

Today was a non-lifting day. I walked what I hope was about 2 miles. Not much but just getting myself conditioned for 50 miles. Tomorrow will be back, bi’s and forearms…lol, I’ve never actually specifically worked my forearms. Funny. This workout I’m doing has about 7 million pull ups, but that’s what T said I […]

And the beat moves on

I’ve begun the building phase of my physique. I need to pack on some muscle in order to rip it up in October. I’m gonna try out a training plan passed on from Greg from BFL tracker. I think it will be great for what I need. I started it this morning and it felt […]