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Don't be so honest

If you want my advice, yes it’s free. I’m not a professional. But, please don’t tell me you are asking me for advice because you don’t want to pay someone else for it. Maybe I should get certified. Then people might think they HAVE to pay me.

7 weeks =

1 pound of fat loss per week. Puts me at 112 competition weight. I think that sounds fine. I’m pretty sure I was about 107 last time and felt too thin. We’ll see. Where do I get this idea? Just made it up.

Thank you.

My friend who comments here sometimes sent me a lovely email today about her brother completing his BFL challenge and sending in his pictures. I was so humbled and excited. This is the reason I choose to continue doing all this fitness craziness. The reason I continue to wear a ring inscribed with “inspire”, even […]

Get yours now!

Diet Fork!

Smackdown II

I’m ready now. Still waiting to talk to T, but my determination has kicked in.  “Do it all the way or don’t do it” is my motto right now. I’ve decided that when people ask me questions about eating, etc. (Why are you eating that?) my new answer is “I’m a pro bodybuilder”. That ought […]

The Old Navy Message

I went school shopping the other day. I was on my way out but thought I’d drop in Old Navy too see what their pants were like. Behold! What did I see? Tents. Huge shirts. Not empire, but big giant blouses that could double as maternity dresses for very small people. Seriously, who is buying […]

You want me to eat WHAT?

I got my meal plans last night. Now, I don’t want any jealousy, but I do have a few interesting things on them. 1. Myoplex DELUXE…yep, DELUXE 2. Cottage cheese and 3. Avocado. Did I please the great and pwerful OZ Tony and get rewarded? I have two words: YEE.HAW. Ok, it’s one and I […]


This is the description of my head right now. I thought I had my mind all made up about competing in October but now I’m wavering. I’m feeling pressure from school. I am teaching two new classes next year and I have a hard group of parents to please. I’ve been very weak in my […]

She's Got Legs

…And she’s trying to use them. I seriously LOVE leg day. My first back to T workout was legs. YAY!  I killed it. I even did my squats on the Olympic Rack, not the Smith Machine. I can’t go as heavy but I like the way it feels more. I feel stronger. My max today […]

Chris Farley's next life

Thanks, April for THIS.