She's Got Legs

…And she’s trying to use them. I seriously LOVE leg day. My first back to T workout was legs. YAY!  I killed it. I even did my squats on the Olympic Rack, not the Smith Machine. I can’t go as heavy but I like the way it feels more. I feel stronger. My max today was 6X95. I’m happy with that.

I don’t have my meals yet, just eating clean. I mean I did it for 6 months straight I can probably guess what the thing is gonna look like. I doubt if there will be any big surprises. Like, “Hey Martha,  have a couple of handfuls of chocolate chips everyday at noon. Love,T.” Hahaha!

So far my biggest challenge it getting the water back up to speed. Ugh. Heeellllppp I’m drowning.

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4 Responses to “She's Got Legs”

  1. Laurie says:

    Welcome Back and I love your energy already! Leg day is my fav too!

  2. KatieFeldmom says:

    Leg day is my least favorite — not sure why, probably cause I’m the sorest after it. Guess that’s a good thing though.

  3. stacey says:

    oh the chocolate chip thing cracked me up!!!!!

  4. Stef says:



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