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31.5, 46, 3%

No, silly those are NOT measurements…well at least not of my body! That is how many hours of cardio to do, gallons of water to drink and bodyfat to lose in 23 days. No problem right?  I’ve been using some of Valerie W.’s techniques for mind focus and it’s really helping, it’s fun and people […]

This day sponsored by Eminem and Beyonce

I showed up at the gym, 4:30 on the dot. There was a crowd growing at the door. So I hung out, for 25 minutes! Finally, I gave up and headed home. I toyed with the idea of just doing cardio at home, but it was going to be busy after school so I grabbed […]

Praise the Lord and pass the Asparagus!

My mom is going to alter my suit! Although not without disclaimer that she thinks it’s fine the way it is and does my whole a$$ have to hang out? lol Sorry mom. I don’t do all those squats and step ups for nothing! Gotta show it off! Secretly I think she likes the whole […]

Way to Go, Babe!

Here’s my honey finishing his first ever triathlon! He’s only been working up to this for about a little over two months. He swam 1/2 mile, biked 12 miles and ran 3 miles! What great job! He went with our friends Dan and Sara, too. (below) The whole thing was to raise money to stop […]

New Suit, New Drama

I’m really not a drama queen. I swear. I go about my business trying to stay out of the way. Anyone remember the first show suit issues? Well, I got my new suit today it’s posted below. It looks good, right? Well, I was panicking because the bottoms looked huge. I started shopping for a […]

The Olympia

I want to go so bad. I’m not sure why. I’m just so sucked in and dying to see a pro figure show.

Iphone Story

Here is a story about a lady dropping her iphone in the toilet. It’s so funny. Warning: multiple expletives, if you can’t handle that sort of thing.

Dear Blog,

I have a friend who is dieting. She even has a trainer. She thinks she wants to compete in a few weeks. Just today I saw her eating 5? cookies. She said she bought them for the kids and just wanted a bite. Next thing I she knew half the container was gone. She wants […]