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Gender assigned exercise

I officially hate the term “boy push ups”. Why do they have to be “boy”? Aren’t they just real push ups and opposed to less strenuous ones? I think in the interest of tough workout babes everywhere, we ban the use of the terms boy or girl push ups. I’m sure there are more than […]


might need to stage an intervention. I fear I may be looking like this soon.

Photo Comparisons

 This time… Last Time…


As I sit here the day after my contest, I’m filled with questions for myself. Should I have not competed this time? Should I not have told my mom she didn’t need to come? Should I have done more cardio? Should I have…and the list goes on. I am coming to the conclusion that I […]


Hard to know what they are looking at. I think muscularity. Although I did improve my muscle from last time, these girls are pretty pumped. I got called out pretty much last in everything. Whatever.  I want to go home, but I will finish because that is what I do. Can’t wait to eat.


time to make the donuts! I’m almost up. Getting my tan touched up t 5:30. I am crazy dark. This is from last night right after and it has gotten darker! Sorry I’m almost naked. I will post after prejudging. xo

Seeing what others see

In the last week I have gotten about 4 emails or messages about my butt. Evidently people think it looks good. They like it and want my secret. Hm. Why can’t I see it? I mean I see the changes I’ve made, but still see more to come. Anyway, if you are one of those […]


I’m seriously low carbs right now, but not feeling a thing. I’m really getting excited. Especially because I found out Jan Tana is spraying at the show so that will be one worry off my mind. My mom will be off the hook of sponging me for hours. Gives me more time to rest. My […]

Crisis Averted

I was seriously last night. Tony and I talked and somewhere I had not gotten the picture that when I’m hungry I’m supposed to eat. Huh. Imagine that. I thought that when meal 6 was done, I was done and so what if I feel like I’m going to implode or eat a whole […]

114.7 and 25"

Weight and waist. Looking for 112 and 24″…no problem.9 Days.