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The Elf with no neck…that's me!


Working (it) Out

For the past month+ I have been living real life. I have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week and eating pretty general food. Nothing hardcore and probably not anywhere near things that Tony would be happy with. I had to stop my Tony training due to financial issues, with property taxes and […]

I should NOT eat the rest of the Pumpkin Cake

Right? But it is so dang good. The right balance of sweet and salty, and it has PUMPKIN for goodness sakes! I don’t want to toss it. After all, I did use the low sugar yellow cake…so that’s good. Yes? My gym attendance has been more miss than hit lately. I am just so overwhelmed […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Breakfast fit for a She-Hulk

Two Apples, 1 stalk of celery, two handfuls of spinach, 1 cucumber, juice of one lemon, sliver of ginger and i was supposed to put in a few sprigs of parsley, but forgot. It’s pretty tasty. More veggies than I’ve had in awhile. Try it…but use a juicer if you have one. I used the […]


I got my stevia yesterday.  No one told me it was 1000 times sweeter than anything else. The first time I used it I put two droppersful in my coffee. Whoa! TOOOOO much. Today I put half of a dropper in, it was still too sweet. I’ll get it right tomorrow…but you know the best […]

i think i got tagged…

1. I can make a mean cinnamon toast. 2. I love snickerdoodles. 3. I have never been to Knotts Berry Farm. 4. I secretly like Wham! (not so secret anymore, I  guess?) 5. I have a weird obsession with lip gloss. I buy more when I know I don’t need it. I  tag…Elizabeth

Two Words

Pumpkin Butter. I have some weird obsession with everything pumpkin right now.  It’s comforting I guess. I had apples sauteed in it tonight over vanilla ice cream. I have these emotional eating moments of late. I’m not happy with that. I think I have a new plan though. Something is brewing. I’ll share when it […]

Re Group

The wagon is dragging me. I’m trying to get on. HELP! I have resumed about 50/50 clean eating, which is not really very good. My goals are fuzzy. Where do I go from here? I know that just getting to the show was a victory. I never really shared them but there were about three […]