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4 weeks to freedom

I have spent the last two months getting my brain back from wherever it went during my last prep time. I think it has finally returned. Now, if only I could get the hormones in order. A friend suggested the IUD, but I’m not sure. I don’t need birth control, just hormone management. Do they […]

My Family

We had a beautiful Christmas. Just the right amount of people, new traditions started and of course food. I really don’t think I overdid the food, just the drink. It doesn’t take much to quit that though. I feel just the right amount of crummy to make me see that I need to get back […]

Kicked butt, now I eat.

Hey, Happy Christmas Eve! Got my legs done and a bit of cardio. Ready to party. I found Amyella. Appears I was lost, not her. lol I’m glad I did, too. The post about no carbing was great for me to read. I love learning new fitness stuff and I was a bit unclear on […]


I decided to make a few goodies for some of our neighbors. I copied April with her balls and the reigndeer cookies. They just seemed the right amount of easy for me as I do not love to bake, cook or anything else kitchen related. I also made the easy toffe with crackers and chocolate […]

Where's Amyella?

I miss her.

Food stuff

I actually hate when I have to read over and over again what people eat everyday, but I have come to a place where I  think I need accountability without the pricetag. So, I will journal my food. Please feel free to give me a hard time about anything that looks out of place. This […]



Here I am… after NOT getting to go to see American Galdiators. The tour got messed up and there was norecord of us actually being signed up for tickets. So we went to the nearest mall and had coffee. Whoopie.

American Gladiators

Today. I cannot wait! I loved that show in the 80′s and now I “know” someone in it! Pics tomorrow.

Apologies for blocking comments

Just wanted to give a quick apology to anyone who may have experienced issues in submitting comments here recently. It turns out there was an issue with one of the anit-spam plugins, but it’s been resolved now, so feel free to repost your comments if you were blocked before.