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8 days

I have been training for 8 short days. I have lost 2.4 lbs! I cannot believe it. I was 124.4 when I started with Beka and this morning I was a solid 122.0. I was hoping just to be under 123 and was ecstatic and shocked this morning. It actually touched 121.9 but didn’t stay, […]


oil is actually not that great by itself. I am taking my flax spread out through the day and I wasn’t sure how to do it since I so used to mixing it all in my oatmeal. So, I used a kids medicine dropper and downed it. No. Not a good idea. Ew. So far […]

Thank you, blog o sphere!

If it weren’t for all the great people I have come into contact with on the blogs and forums I have visited, I wouldn’t keep going on this fitness journey. You all inspire me. You encourage me when I am down. I am blessed by people who I have never actually met in person. Thank […]

Dun dun duuuuunnnnn….

You may have met / read about my trainer HERE. I love Tony. Really I do. I just felt the need to change it up. A little female finesse from someone who has been there and will still push me through the rough spots. I mean look at her for goodness sakes. She’s hot and […]

Something like this?

No, Sunnie I’ve never been before. What do people wear to this dinner? Is there dancing or is it just dinner?

I'm going!

I went for it. Asked for the day off and I will fly into Columbus at 11:45 pm. Stef is graciously letting me stay with her and I will be able to meet face to face with so many online friends. I really can’t wait. Now to find something amazing to wear to the BFL […]

To Arnold or not to Arnold

I’m thinking about going to the Arnold Expo and BFL Dinner. I always do this. Plan it all out. Figure out the $$. Then start having all kinds of second thoughts. I just can’t make up my mind.

The deal with me competing and SPlits Watch '08

I plan to compete in fitness. I don’t know when. See, NPC barely has any fitness comps so to find one close by at a good time frame is a bit tricky. I could compete ABA in fitness but they have an evening gown round. I’m just not feeling the evening gown thing. Too beauty […]


Who wants to compete with me in May? I don’t want to do it again alone. Come on, you know you want it.

Water Facts

WATER 1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. 2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger. 3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%. 4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the […]