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I feel like garbage today, but I like my arms. Go figure. I may have some muscle to show in May after all.

HIGH of 26?

WTH? Um, Columbus better warm up a bit for this West Coast girl. Holy cow. I do not have clothes for that weather….and a chance of snow. What was I thinking? Arnold, could we move the Expo this way next year? For goodness sakes you live here now!


I think you can see an inkling of Ab muscles peeking out. Maybe? And thank you all for your sweet comments about my son.  He is truly a one of a kind! I’m a bit biased. Oh, and yeah, my kids cannot disown me- they all look a lot like me. I like to make […]

Family Post

I don’t post much family related stuff here,  but I love this picture. Thought you might enjoy it, too. My silly boy Riley in a snow hole.

Moxie Slogan

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No, not that election. That’s later. Should we get this… or this… We need a bed. Ours is almost 13 years old, but it doesn’t disturb our sleep much, if at all. Our treadmill was $80 on Craigslist two years ago. A Sears, bottom of the line, no incline, basic treadmill. It worked, until now. […]

12 Weeks

Officially 12 weeks away from my third competition. I will be competing inthe Natural ABA  instead of NPC this time, on May 1oth. I may have a better chance of not looking like a scrawny wanna be in this organization. The word on the streets is that many girls NPC use things for enhancement that […]

I'm sore

What do you call the muscle that is on the side of your ribs? Is it a continuation of the lats? Obliques? Well, that’s where I’m sore. And my butt.  And my hams. I did two machines yesterday that I never do. Seated leg curls and those butt blaster thingy’s. Awesome. I seriously love that […]


I am so tired right now. I worked my self out so hard. I just kept thinking of all those other girls jogging at 4.2 and ran faster. I did more push ups and pull ups than any of them. Those other girls better be ready to Bring. IT. My title refers to the fact […]

The Suburban Yeti by Craig Harper

This article by Craig Harper is great. I found him through Stef and throughly enjoy his writing style. His posts are super short but they are easy and fun reading with a great point. If you can’t get through the whole thing, at least read the last part. I’m a skimmer and I actually can […]