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Birthday Rundown

I really had a great day! It started at 4 am. My usual alarm time. My daughter had set her alarm and came in to wake me up with a gift. She made me a card and gave me the super cute shirt I’m wearing in the picture. She had gotten it probably 6 months […]


I want to post about my wonderful birthday, but first I found this article. Very good (a little long) reading about competing. I’m not really into all the TAO stuff, but the ideas are really good.

Turning 25 isn't that bad!

We’re going to the Melting Pot for dinner. Yum! I was going to post a picture of myself 20 a few years back, but can’t seem to locate one right now. Anyway, I’m a happy girl. God has given me a wonderful family and a few good friends. I’m grateful for my life everyday and […]

Getting into character: I AM Competitor

I have been thinking a lot about competing¬† and BEING a competitor¬† and what that means for me, right now. It is a part I am playing, a person I become when I train, and when the competition rolls around. But how do I become THAT girl? The one that glides on stage, with the […]

My Mental State

Do you ever wake up fearful of what you were going to see in the mirror, or on the scale, then wrap your whole day around THAT ONE THING? I had a crazy day yesterday. We had our field trip which was good, but then my schedule got all out of whack and I had […]

Warning: Weights are closer than they appear.

I had my first weight related injury. Pretty good since I’ve been lifting for awhile now that nothing has gone wrong. I was doing decline bench presses and hooked the weight on the right. I guess I just assumed that the other side was there too, so I let go and started to sit up. […]

8 weeks…does a body good.

Here’s the latest. Nitpick away. Fini.

Pumped Arms How I Love Thee…

Let me count the ways! 1. 2. 3. I was a dork taking pics on my phone in the gym parking lot. But hey, when you got a good pump going you have to record it. My lefty is lagging a bit, but that’s normal. It felt good to walk around the gym like a […]

Ohio Observations

1. I was noticing, while in Ohio, something I thought was interesting. No bathrooms have toilet seat cover dispensers. In California you will have to search pretty hard to find one that doesn’t have them. So, this leaves me to wonder: Do Ohioans not sit or are Californians germaphobic? 2. There is an ice cream […]


I think today things will be more normal. I felt like this whole week was a blur, which is good I guess. Although, the whole hubby out of town thing was topped by a flat tire yesterday when I went to leave for work. I’m learning to be flexible. After coming back from the Arnold, […]