Getting into character: I AM Competitor

I have been thinking a lot about competing  and BEING a competitor  and what that means for me, right now. It is a part I am playing, a person I become when I train, and when the competition rolls around. But how do I become THAT girl? The one that glides on stage, with the confidence exuding so profusely that the judges can’t help but notice. I want to be that ONE.

So, I have been working on that. I am a bit embarassed to say this, but I got this tip from Tyra Banks on ANTM. She was telling this one contestant that she needed to start playing the part of Supermodel, or else no one will believe you are, least of all you.

Just as an actor prepares for a role. They repeat the lines again and again. Study the character and completely become that person. They believe that for that time they ARE that person and if anyone sees them in the character, their hope is, that they would believe it, too.

I’m walking like a competitor. I practice posing in the mirrors at the gym no matter who’s looking. I dress to compliment my hard work and stand up straight. I hold my head high and imagine walking across that stage, no one ever knowing that my stomach is churning and my heart is beating out of my chest.

I have become what I trained for, ate for and stand up on that stage for. It is no longer a rehearsal, but the real thing. If I  don’t believe it, who else will? And, because I believe it, I will take home the greatest prize: knowing I did all I could  to become the best ME I could be.

Are you becoming what you want to be or are you just a bad actor?

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6 Responses to “Getting into character: I AM Competitor”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    No one can instill the mental toughness and work ethic required to become a champion Martha. You must dig deep down and find these qualities on your own. An equally important aspect of competing is having the mental fortitude to succeed and after reading your latest posts, I truly believe you have found “IT.” You are not only a competitor, you are a CHAMPION! Stay strong Sister!

    ~ Elizabeth

  2. April says:

    I love Tyra! I learn stuff from her all the time!

    Fake it, till ya make it!!….shawty ;)

  3. sonniejane says:

    I am working on that too! I had such a supressed childhood it is hard to bring that out when it was never aloud! I refuse to be a bad actor.

  4. Casey says:

    I loved that post…. That is awesome, you are such a neat person!!!


  5. Jen says:

    Valerie would be proud of you! 43 days!! YAHOOO!! You’re gonna have a blast!!

    xoxo Jen

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