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Just wondering…

how much gum can you chew before it is harmful to your health? My good good friend!

What are you doing?

I’m eating tuna and asparagus.

Thank you, Stacey and various other things

I was inspired by Stacey today and the pictures of her butt. Go ahead, click on the link. You know you want to. So, I had an hour of cardio to do and really wanted to do it on an incline, but my treadmill is old and although it has served me well, does not […]

Chant of a Champion

Chant of a Champion by Nicole Snell When I think of quitting I will think of who will be standing next to me on stage. Will I be able to say that I worked harder than her? When I stand on Stage will I be able to say that I pushed myself harder, that I […]

Glutes of steel

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What music?

In my competition I have to do this “T walk” thing. I’ve never done it and have yet to practice. I’m trying to decide what music to use. I was thinking “Walk this Way” , “Feedback” by Janet Jackson or “4 Minutes” by Madonna Any suggestions? Now I gotta go figure out how to do […]

Stays off the waist.

Bacon Bra. thanks, Dooce

One Word

I stole this one from Stef. All the answers must only be ONE word 1.Where is your mobile phone? Left 2.Your significant other? Steady 3.Your hair? Ponytail 4.Your mother? Amazing 5.Your father? ?Heaven 6.Your favourite thing? Giving 7.Your dream last night? None 8.Your favorite drink? Soda 9.Your dream/goal? Fitness 10.The room you’re in? Kitchen 11.Your […]

5 weeks

I’m too tired to think of anything. Here’s the pics. As usual, gotta get the butt up. Sigh. Nice post cardio hair. G’nite.

Tuna tastes like the sunbeams shining down from heaven

if they had a taste. Which they don’t. All I’m saying is that Vons better stock up on those 3 oz packets. I’m on my way. 5 weeks left. It’s funny how we try to find ways out of this madness of competing once we’ve committed to doing it. I was adding up the remaining […]