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Today: 5 Rounds for time: 400m run 30 Box jumps 30 Wall balls (these hurt my neck- not sure how often I’ll add those in) Time: 32:05 RE:  My last post- In order to protect relationships of people who read my blog I wont go into details. It has to do with trainers and people […]

Don't ask

For advice unless you REALLY want to hear the truth. How rude to get mad at the advice. You ASKED! And for pete’s sake, don’t pull everyone in with you. Geez. Sorry. Ominous vent. I had to get it out.

Still Learning

I noticed that a lot of the stuff I have been reading about Cross Fit (sorry, I’m a bit obsessed right now) mentions the Zone Diet. It seems the diet plan of choice for serious Cross Fitt-ers. So, I’m not one to just sit back and say “ok”. I have to check it out! This […]

Keep Moving

I’m always doing something. I can’t sit still. When I have to sit still, my brain is turning. I have so many things I want to do or am trying to do, sometimes I make myself crazy. I feel like I have to get stuff done before I run out of time. I mean, what […]

Check out her azz…

I need some help here. I’m wondering if the water depletion deflates my butt. Look at me two days before comp, and day of. where did my perky, round butt go? Any ideas? Thursday Saturday See what I mean?

I Heart…

Gosh, so many things right now! 1. Feeling like a normal human, eating normal food and doing normal amounts of working out. 2. Arbonne. I have been a consultant for 2 years and never done anything but buy my own stuff. I am so excited about the new Spa Treatment and Detox products that I […]

Southern California 2008 – 2nd Place Short Class

Saturday I  competed in the Southern California Bodybuilding Championships. As if you probably didn’t already know that. I had an absolute blast. This organization is the bomb. I loved how friendly everyone was and the super competitiveness was not there. It ended up being a very small show which was cool. At first they put […]

Hair Vote

Ok, this was done right before bed in only a few minutes…so keep that in mind. I will take more time on Saturday to fine tune it,  but I think I know what the vote will be. Straight Wavy

Blog Friends…

Please check back soon and help me decide how to do my hair for this weekend. Thank you.

Photo Shoot

Here’s one picture from my shoot. Is that ME?