Keep Moving

I’m always doing something. I can’t sit still. When I have to sit still, my brain is turning. I have so many things I want to do or am trying to do, sometimes I make myself crazy. I feel like I have to get stuff done before I run out of time. I mean, what if the world ended tomorrow? I still have things… I know it sounds crazy, but I just feel like my life is so full, but I want to add to it. Selfish? They aren’t really “things” in the sense of having a boat and a pool and, and, and. It’s just ways to stretch myself, to see what I can do. Now I’ve got it swirling in my head that I could open a Cross Fit style gym. I mean not soon, but someday. How cool would that be? Am I sure that I’m gonna do it? No, but it sure is fun to imagine “what if”? I am going for the Level 1 certification in July and then in the fall I will get the kids Cert. I know this is going to be so beneficial to my job, my love for health and fitness and desire to inspire others.

If you have yet to try a Cross Fit workout, try one. I look at them and say “that’s it?” HA! Today was 3 rounds of 800m run and 50 pullups, for time. Of course I have to scale down a lot of it because I’m just a beginner. Here’s what I did:

3X 800m and 15 jumping pullups in about 40 minutes (my stopwatch got messed up).

So, I didn’t run ALL OUT, I stayed at about 5mph and did jumping pull-ups. If you think those are easy, try them. 45 of them. My lats are already sore and I’ve been shaking ever since I finished.

If you need a challenge, here it is. Try one of their workouts, just once a week. At least it’s a fun change. I was doing one at the gym the other day and everyone decided it confirmed that I am crazy. Well, DUH. I knew that way back in ’81 when I played thether-rock by myself out on our farm in Arkansas. LMAO I’m not kidding. TETHER.ROCK. I might tell you about it, but you’ll just have to paint your own mental image for now.

Hubby and I are off to a big date of Bobbi’s Mexican food and Costco. Woo aren’t we the party animals. We take what we get.

I leave you with this, think you can’t do pull-ups? Think again. Watch this video

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Yes, she is pregnant.

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  1. sonniejane says:

    I am tired just watching that video. That is amazing though but I can barely come up with the energy to do my little ol workout now.

    You are going to make a great PE teacher!

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