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Loving This

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I’m so wishy washy right now. I just can’t figure out what to do with myself. Last summer I had plans. Things to do. This summer I’m lost. I need to get a schedule going. Get things on the right track. I haven’t been sleeping great. Although, last night I did and I just kept […]

They do listen, occasionally

I overheard my 7 year old cleaning out his backpack. “Trash, keep, give away…” I’ve been doing a lot of fly lady cleaning out lately. I love it.

WOD and nothing

Today’s workout had me spinning and then at the end I realized I hadn’t done it correctly. 3 rounds, for time: 800m run KB Swings 25 (I don’t have kettlebells, so I used a 20 lb dumbbell) I did: Thrusters round1: 30 lb- 15X Round 2&3 20 lb- 20X Maybe it was subliminal that I […]

Fight Gone Bad

I forgot I wanted to post the cross fit workout from yesterday. It is kind of crazy doing cross fit in a traditional gym. I had to run around crazy. Thankfully there weren’t too many people there and no one changed my set up while I was at each station. Here it is… “Fight Gone […]

I really want to know.

Why is it, people don’t RSVP to events? In the age of email and evites, how hard is it to check a box “yes or no”? If you are a non responder, please comment and tell me why. I don’t get it.

Commercial Break

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Moving along

Weigh in: 124.4 Man I must have been bloated or something. Ha. I’ll take it. Food as of 2:00 pm Myoplex Lite, 5 egg whites, 1/2 C oats, 3.5 oz tuna, a few fritos (ok about 4 handfuls- geez), a little bit of diet coke, detox mixture, water, vitamins Dinner: Spaghetti? w/ Spinach salad Workout: […]

Take the "Ch" out of Cheat

I have officially decided that I cannot deal with using the term “cheat” anymore for eating off my plan. I have a problem with the word. It has a negative meaning.  ie- cheat on a test, cheat on your wife, etc.  So, no more. I have come to a place where I  must allow myself […]

Home, Sweet Home!

The trip to Arkansas was fun. Not without adventure, but fun! We flew standby which went 90% smoothly. We didn’t really get to sit together, but no one seemed upset (kids). We did have our luggage sent to St.  Louis and that meant a trip back to the airport to pick it up, which meant […]