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But it's cozy under my rock. And we can dance here.

Ok, so I never professed to be a serious music fan, afficianado or any other word that might proclaim that I know the first thing about bands or the songs they play. I’m going to confess something to you. It might shock a few of you, so sit down. I had never even heard of […]

Phone Call

I got a call on my cell phone today and when I went to answer they weren’t there. I looked at the number and it was an 804 area code. Out of curiosity I Googled it to see where that was from. It came up Virginia. It also showed the exact number that called me […]

Beating the PMS monster

I found this article about PMS and dietary changes that can really help. I’m very interested in this not only because I deal with symptoms but I love learning how to help my body without chemicals (drugs) and even without crazy herbs that no one really knows if they actually work or not. Enjoy… Some […]

The crooked are made straight

Did you go to college?

Check out this article. For Most People, College is a Waste of Time

My Gift

Evil Raccoon

I had just arrived home from a pedicure with a friend. My toes a lovely plum shade and thoroughly de-caloused and filed to pristine gorgeousness. I walked up the path to my house and spied what at first I thought was a big gray cat. I then noticed the shape and realized it was a […]

Lucky 13

Our wedding day, 13 years ago today, the magic began! Happy Anniversary, Honey! It has seriously flown by. Looking forward to the next 13 years of adventure with you! Muah! (Sorry so blurry, it’s a picture of a picture ‘cuz the scanner wasn’t hooked up.) Dang. We look like babies.

Thanks Dub-Ya for showing support to the athletes

2008 Olympics

Egg Peeling, for April

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