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I have had craving issues with PMS in the past. So, I had an idea. That was the first mistake. Here I am plugging along two weeks of perfection and losing steadily while still enjoying 1egg yolk with my whites, “evil” fruit and 1 tbls. of creamer a day. So, here I go thinking, what […]

Sunday 9/14

I was planning to do a CF workout called “the bear” today but I’m wimping out and I’m going to do 15 minutes of sprints instead. I need weights and cardio but I’m opting for short and “sweet” cardio. My meals for today: 1. Eggs, Oatmeal 2. 1 scoop whey, apple 3. Ground turkey,salsa, cucumber […]

I'm scaring myself.

I have spent the last oh, 6-8 weeks so on the fence about competing again. In the last two days I don’t know what has happened. I got my focus back. I am literally completely transformed in my mind. I’ve got a plan and I’m not going to fall down along the way. There are […]

Workout for today. Kill me now.

Day 5 1) Wideout drop for 3 sets of 15 reps with 45 seconds rest Description: stand with your feet together. Then, jump your feet out to the sides as you drop down into a full squat. Jump back up to the starting position with your feet together. 2A) Mule kick (aka hip/knee extension on […]

Call Bush. I found the weapons of fat destruction.

Here…and now they are MINE. I plan to use them.

10 weeks. Ok, fine. I'm doing it again.

I have been dragging my feet about competing this time. My sweetie friend is doing her first show and was planning on me doing it with her. I just haven’t put my whole self in and done the hokey pokey. I am finally in. I’m not gung ho about dieting, I’m not gonna lie. Workouts […]

No! No! Noooooo! Is this real?

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