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Fat Tax?

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I'll take "Petrified Figure Girl" for $1000

What is Martha at 16 days out? I’m afraid to take pictures. I’m afraid to post pictures.  What if I look like crap and have been fooling myself all along and I really AM going to the the jiggly one on stage? The joke will become reality and it won’t be funny anymore. I promise […]

3 Weeks

Only 21 short days. I have not done the hours of cardio that I have in the past. I am not as lean as I have been in the past. My bodyfat is at a normal level. We’ll see how this all pans out. In other news, I’m on the CF Ventura site. Been dropping […]

The Things He Carried.

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I have multiple personalities while prepping for a show. I have days like my last post, on fire, focused and ready to go…which lasted up to last Friday afternoon. Then the pompous, fit girl who is better than a competition diet comes out.  She got it in her head that she was 119.4 down 4 […]