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Weekend Report

It was a pretty good week overall, got 3 points on my Zone Challenge and plan to have another tomorrow. I really love the Zone eating. Lots of variety and yummy stuff I like. Actually I can eat anything as long as it fits into the # of blocks. Just some things are better than […]

Saturday Workout

Hey! If you’re planning to come workout at the park Saturday, let me know or else I’ll just sleep in! M

Chicken Artichoke Burger

Yummy! From Trader Joe’s. Nutrition Info, here.

Fight Gone Bad

1 Minute of each AMRAP: Wall Ball, Sumo DL HP, Box Jumps, Push Press, Rowing (calories) Total Score: 198 PR…really wanted 200! Compare

Get a GRIP!

Ok, I was a weight lifting pansy three years ago. I was a beginner, lifting pretty light and I wore gloves to lift. Why? Not because I could lift heavier with them on, because I didn’t like the way the bar felt on my skin. Waaah. Bay-Bee! So after about a year I progressed to […]

Things are a little off kilter

started the day well. Trained and headed over to CFV to workout. All is well. During the workout…posted at the side over there, I got the weirdest feeling in my forearm. It was almost like it was frozen and didn’t want to move. Then on my last pull up set, I ripped a callous. Not […]

Virtual Shoveling / Pull Ups

For Time 30-25-20-15-10-5 (45# bar w/ 25# weight) 26:35…feltlikeforever!

Hang Cleans

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 63-68-73-78-78-83-88

You think you're busy!

Check out this article.

Deadlift / Burpee

5 Rounds 5 Deadlifts (135#) 10 Burpees 8:05