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Chile Lime Chicken Burger

Trader Joes Chile Lime chicken Burger -cooked on the grill or frying pan 1 Chopped Roma tomato 1/2 Avocado cubed Mix tomato and avocado with 1tsp Lemon juice and salt / pepper Spoon “salsa” over burger Chop 1 Cucumber, two tablespoons of your favorite dressing (I like Flax oil with vinegar and minced garlic) Easy […]


4X 400m with 2 minutes rest in between. 1:24 (PR by 13 sec.), 1:38, 1:51 and 1:43 total time including rests = 12:40.

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Saturday Stuff

Hey! What a day…so far. I had a fun morning with a few girls who wanna get fit! Hey Andi, Beth and Anabel- you guys were AWESOME today and did a great job! Looking forward to next week! Then I was off to CFV for the WOD. It was 4X 400m with 2 minutes rest […]