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Icees for Time

Last night at dinner we discussed a few non-conventional “for time” workouts. Like “6 tacos for time” and “beer bongs for time”. So, I went to bed and dreamed we were doing “icees for time”. I’m not sure how we did but we all had headaches at the end. This is what Crossfit does to […]

10 Rounds: 10 WallBalls / 10 Pull Ups

My time: 15:15 I switched to ring rows the last two rounds. Wall Ball Ring Rows

Zone Block List

Here is a link to the Zone list a few girls and I were chatting about over bread bowls of clam chowder. LOL. No, I was the only one eating that. I think they all had salads. Good girls. Larry’s Zone Block Reference Have fun!

10 Thrusters / 400m

AMRAP in 20 min. 5 Rounds + 10 Thrusters

Scientific Observations

I’ll admit I’m not a scientist. I like nature and think wonders of science are just that, but my mind does NOT work that way. I’m content to accept things the way they are and believe they all have a purpose, even potato bugs. But…I did do a couple of very scientific studies lately you […]

Back Squat / Cindy

Monday: Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 115-120-120-120-120(F)-115 2X400m-1:24 / 1:46 Tuesday: “Cindy” AMRAP 20 Minutes 5 Pull Ups / 10 Push Ups / 15 Squats 12 Rounds + PU/ PushU/ 9 Squats

11 years old!

We celebrated Emma’s 11th birthday yesterday with her friends at a “Celebrity Karaoke” party. They all gave their best effort to dress as celebrities and had a blast. Here she is…her character was Ann Hathaway. Happy Birthday, my sweetie! Here is her crew. The cool thing is, a few of them have changed schools but […]


As many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 2 Muscle-ups (8 pull ups/8 dips sub) 4 Handstand Push-ups 70# Kettlebell Swing, 8 reps (women – 53 pounds) 6 rounds + PU/Dips and HS push Ups (53# KBs was tough!)

No one but you.

Every so often people approach me because they know I move my body. I enjoy it and have lost a few lbs to boot. They ask questions like “how can I get my butt…um…you know…higher?” or “what should I be eating”? At first I was like an overflowing fount of information and would shower them […]

Call me Crazy…for lack of a better name.

400 m Run 21 Pull ups / L sit 42 KBs (35#) (kettlebell swings) 15 Pull ups / L Sit 30 KBs 9 Pull Ups/ L Sit 18 KBs 400m Run