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Suck it up!

Man I can’t stand whiners. I’m not sure who that was who took over my blog and posted like a crybaby. I have almost succeeded in tying and gagging her. I’m doing some dips, air squats and planning to do some PVC deadlifts soon…maybe Thursday. I’ve read a lot about hip flexors and flexibility and […]


It was suggested today that I take two weeks off training to heal. My back is still hurting. At times it is bad. Really bad. I hate time off. All I can think is ‘lost time’. Time I could be getting stronger, faster or more conditioned. What is this obsession I have? Maybe I need […]


I’m sipping my coffee (with Coconut Creamer…mmm) contemplating what 38 feels like. It’s not that much different than yesterday at 37. I do love to think about when I was younger (MUCH younger) and reflect on what I thought 38 would feel like. I remember that it seemed so old. I still remember my SIL […]

Saying one thing…

doing another. This has always gotten on my nerves. I’m reading blog after blog about people who “want” to do things, but sit back and not only do many do nothing, many go backwards. Do you want it or not? Then GO GET IT! What is it? I have something I want. I’m afraid to […]

Crossfit Total

Max Back Squat 1 Rep…133 Max Shoulder Press 1 Rep…73 Max Deadlift 1 Rep…193 _______________________ Total…………………399 I think I could have done more on the Squat but ran out of time.

Hang Clean Pull Up

AMRAP 20 min. 12 Hang Cleans 45# / 7 Pull Ups 8 Rounds + 2 Cleans My grip and sweaty hands make me mad!

Things are looking up!

I did a very mellow tabata workout yesterday and added in a few deadlifts just to check the back. I also read this article from Rippetoe and applied that to my situation. Things seemed pretty good. I went to CFV today and did a Hang Clean / Pull Up workout and all went well. I […]


I had a great WO on Wednesday. We did 3 rounds of 25 Power Snatch / 25 Chest slapping push ups (on knees). As soon as I finished, I had a weird pain in the side of my back. By the time I went to bed I couldn’t bend. Sleeping was interesting…finding a comfy spot […]

The "Big" Salad

Here’s my lunch today. I went to Lassen’s and bought some real crab meat. MMM. What I bought was just a hair under 2 blocks which is what I wanted for lunch. I had 1 Roma tomato, half a cucumber, and a load of mixed greens. I’m adding a 1/4 apple to balance the carbs […]


5-5-5-5-5 143-143-143-153-153 Loving deadlifts!