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AMRAP in 20 minutes

200m run 10 KBS 6 Pull Ups 8 Rounds I really hoped for 9, but geez…I could not breathe and my sweaty hands jacked up the pull ups, and… Just kidding, no more excuses. At least I improved from last time. I got 7+200m (although when I think back I don’t think I made the […]

Great video clip. Watch it.


Filet your time.

I get this everyday, this one caught my attention. Internet, anyone? Facebook? Check out the link… Think TQ

Oh Yes I Did!

Just paid for my hotel and my tickets. Uh huh. The Crossfit Games, it is! It’s gonna be a blast!

Something you didn't know you needed

…but you do. Trust me. If you work out, lift a wieght, run or move your body in any way that might make it sore, you will be interested in this. It’s a foam roller. When my back was in pain (sorry to keep bringing it up) I started using it at the gym and […]


21-15-9 Thrusters Pull Ups Are you ready…. My last time was 13:18 on Jan. 24th Drum Roll please…. 8:22!!!!!! Quote from Jan 24th…”Goal: under 10 minutes next time.” Oh Yeahhhhhh!

What's your "1 thing"?

Unless you are in hardcore training for something, I bet you have “one thing”. One thing that isn’t really great for the diet, but isn’t really horrible for the diet- that you have more often than a cheat day, or just on the weekends. Maybe chocolate covered coffee beans or a caramel macchiato? My ‘one […]

Product Review

If you have stopped by here in the last month, you know I hurt my back. what exactly I did is still an unknown. It was a muscle pull that took about 3-4 weeks to begin to heal. I would say now I’m about 97% better as I still feel a twinge occasionally and when […]

Overhead Squats / KBS and Double Unders

OHS 3-3-3 60-65-70 then 5 rounds: 15 KBS / 30 DU’s 10:05

Health and Fitness in the Real World

Looking at my “top ten” post and my recent pictures, got me looking back at old pictures. I found one from my 35th birthday. (No, I’m not posting it. Sorry.) It was three months into my training for my first show. I looked good. Really good. I would love to look like that 365 days […]