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CFV announced that they will be testing the members to place people in Level 1 classes vs. Elements to break up the groups a bit and allow those working up to prescribed weights, etc. space to do so. I love the idea. I thought I’d post the standards. Here they are: Squats: 50 free squats […]

Back Squat / Pull Up/ Farmer Walk

3 Rounds: 10 Back Squats (68#) 20 Pull Ups 200 m Farmer Walk (35# Dumbbells) 26:50

Run / KBS / Leg Raise

For Time: 400m 10-9-8-7…1 KBS 35# Leg Raise (Toes to bar) 800m 1-2-3-4…10 KBS Leg Raise 400m 27:17

Cleans / Death by Burpee

Cleans 10X2- 30s between each set at 50% of max. I miscalculated and only lifted 38#, but worked on my form, so that’s good. Death by Burpee: 1 burpee the first minute, 2 the second, etc. as long as you can. My score: 12 rounds + 8

What is Spinach Salad?

The answer to what gave me food poisoning Saturday night. Holy youknowwhat! That sucked big time. I was fine all day, getting ready to go somewhere and BOOM! I felt horrible. I tried to sit through church and made it about 20 minutes. Hurried home and promptly spent the next 3 hours puking my guts […]

Product Review

Paleokits When it comes to eating, I’m all about ease. I’ve never enjoyed cooking that much and food tastes so much better when someone else has made it. I’m not lazy, just uninspired. Eating is for a purpose and especially when trying to eat healthy, the quicker it is and the less thought it takes, […]


3-3-3 163-173-183 (PR) then… For time 21-15-9 Wall Balls (10#) Knees to Elbows Weighted Sit Ups (20#) 10:40

Crossfit Kids Certified!

Last weekend I went to beautiful, hot Ramona, Ca and participated in a two day CF Kids certification. We spent a lot of time on the floor (OW-back!) and learned a lot. I had been using the Crossfit elementary lesson plans all year, loosely. I now feel I have better tools to implement the plans […]

Football Gone Bad

3 Rounds: 1 Minute Thrusters 1 Minute Box Jumps 1 Minute Double Unders 1 Minute Push Ups 1 Minute Pull Ups Total: 197 Reps

Looking for me?

I’ll be here this weekend! I am so excited!