Crossfit Kids Certified!

Last weekend I went to beautiful, hot Ramona, Ca and participated in a two day CF Kids certification. We spent a lot of time on the floor (OW-back!) and learned a lot. I had been using the Crossfit elementary lesson plans all year, loosely. I now feel I have better tools to implement the plans to their fullest extent. It has been re-energizing at work to have some fresh ideas. It was a great weekend, well worth the money and the time. It is going to freakin’ fantastic in future endeavors…look for a Crossfit Kids near you SOON!

The pictures I took were crap. I always feel dumb taking pictures, or asking people I don’t know to take pictures of me, so I didn’t. I will however post a couple of school pics from the last couple of days to prove that I am using my knowledge. ;-)

Handstands with my students!

Standing tall after a squat.

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  1. allison says:

    martha you need to hit up every school in your city…I saw those HS kids running today….it’s even worst watching them “try” and run down hill! Go save them!

  2. ANA says:


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