What is Spinach Salad?

The answer to what gave me food poisoning Saturday night. Holy youknowwhat! That sucked big time. I was fine all day, getting ready to go somewhere and BOOM! I felt horrible. I tried to sit through church and made it about 20 minutes. Hurried home and promptly spent the next 3 hours puking my guts out. Just what you needed to know, huh? The weirdest part was that I kept passing out almost every time I would get sick. I actually did twice, and once felt and hit my shoulder on the bathroom scale. So, now I have a huge aching bruised spot. Good times.
Lesson? Beware of spinach that has been in the fridge for over a week. Apparently it might not be safe. :-( And I was trying to be so healthy, too. So, I’m almost better but still haven’t got much of an appetite. Hoping to make it to workout tonight. We’ll see…

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One Response to “What is Spinach Salad?”

  1. Stacey says:

    Good grief, I always use the same container of spinach all week long cause it’s a huge container…I would really hate to puke that up. I would never eat it again!

    The passing out thing is scary! Glad your ok :)

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