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Pre WOD Snack: 1 c. Strawberries. string cheese, almond butter Post WOD Snack: 1/2 Balance Bar Breakfast:2 Eggs, 8 Salami, 1 c. Grapes, 1 Roma tomato, 18 Almonds (This was A LOT of food!) Snack: String Cheese, 5 Crackers Dinner: 4 oz. Chicken, Small Apple I was pretty beat yesterday and had very little appetite. […]

Run / Burpee / Inverted Burpee

3X 800 m 25/15/5 Burpee Inverted Burpee 25: something and pukie came along for the 2nd run. I felt like I was spinning.


Pre WOD Snack: 1/2 C. grapes, 8 salami, almond butter Post WOD Snack: 1/2 Balance Bar, 8 oz. milk Breakfast: 2 W Eggs,1 string cheese, 1 WW Toast, 1 A.Sauce., almond butter Lunch: 1 Chicken Artichoke burger, 1/2 cucumber, 1 small tomato, almond butter (def. need to cut the carbs at this meal…I crashed at […]

Christmas in June?

At the gym today everyone was talking about weightlifting shoes. I went “shopping”. Look at these beauties! Oh how I want these. I know. I’m weird.

Muscle Up / Deadlift / Box Jump

6 Rounds: 3 Muscle Up (modified) 6 DL 123# 9 Box Jumps 25″ 12:31


Breakfast: 2 c. Coffee / 2 W. Eggs / 1/2 c A. Sauce/ 6 Almonds Snack: 1/2 Think Bar Lunch: (Pretty much a cheat…a staff lunch out) 1.5 Halibut Tacos w lettuce salsa and a little avocado/ 1/4 c. Black beans/ 2 Bites Lava Cake w/Sorbet/ Diet Coke Snack: Balance Bar (I know…two bars in […]

Snatch / Pull Up

21-15-9 Snatch / Pull Up My time was 11:something. I accidentally did all the Snatches on both side and I was only supposed to do that number total. Ooops. Guess I got some practice.


I suck at it. Especially when it comes to food. I eat secret nibbles like someone will see and rat me out as a fake. I’m done. I’m posting my daily food to the side…everything. I promise to put each and every thing I eat and drink on this page! Feel free to call me […]


Snack: 1 cheese stick, 1/2 c. Applesauce, 1 tbsp. Almond Butter Breakfast: 2 W. Eggs, 1/2 c. A.Sauce, 1/4 Bran cereal, 1 tsp. A. Butter Snack: 1/2 Think Bar Dinner: 40z Chicken About 2 c. of fruit 12 Almonds Snack: 1/4c. Cottage cheese, 8 Wheat Thins, 2 Tsp. Almond Butter (Never had a proper lunch […]

KBS / Knees To Elbows/ 400m

AMRAP 20 min. 30 KBS 35# 30 KTE 400 m run 2 + KBS + 16 KTE