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Cornhole: The Movie

Paleo foods tally

I’ve been keeping a mental note since deciding to do a 30 day paleo trial starting Monday of the things I will need to avoid. Here’s the list so far. I’m afraid of what’s going to be left. Cheese sticks Salt Fage(greek yogurt) Pumpkin Granola cereal 8 of the 14 eggs I eat a week […]

Chicks who lift heavy are HOT!

Jolie Gentry makes me want to be a better Crossfitter.

The power of memories

Can a single word drum up memories so powerful that your body has an immediate physical reaction that you cannot seem to shake? Can 7 little letters make your mouth water and make you start to count the change in your wallet? Can 2 simple syllables conjure up a craving so deep that you will […]


with your email if you want the password for the Surgery post. Everyone is welcome, but all may not want to read it. It’s not gory or anything.

Protected: My surgery***

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Happy Birthday, Riley!

I seriously cannot believe that my YOUNGEST child is 9. His personality continues to surprise me and how me matures is so completely different from the other two. He’s the only one of my kids that actually has admitted he “liked” someone. He is sensitive and loves animals. He is easily entertained and in turn […]

Crossfit Games 2009: The Family Chapter

When I first expressed a desire to attend the games my husband suggested making it a family trip. So we toyed with camping and finally decided that having a place off the games site for the kids to take a break and go swimming would be a better idea. Thank goodness we decided on this. […]

I'm thinking again…

Since I’ve had time to sit around, I’ve been looking over the CF Games Program and after reading this post my mind is planning and plotting. It seems to be unaware of how old I am or how I’m a mother of 3, etc. It keeps telling me to do the CF Games qualifier next […]

So, you want to eat "Paleo"?

I’m not sold. I’m doing research. So far Zone seems to fit me best. I did find this link though…check it out and see what you think. Paleo Diet