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The Final 3 Days!

Our final Paleo Challenge day is Tuesday! We’ve had a few casualties along the way but those that have hung in there have been killing this and staying strong. Great job! I don’t know about you,but I’m excited to continue this. In days past, after a challenge or extended period of “dieting” I had plans […]

The "might as well" Theory

In January of 2006, I realized I had become overweight. I wasn’t huge or by most people’s standards, obese. For me, I was heavy. I had always been one of the “lucky” ones. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever and didn’t think twice about it. Sometime between 1996 when my oldest child was born and […]

Paleo Challenge: Day 20

Here we are…20 days in and 10 to go. Your name could follow this… How is everyone? I’m assuming you’re all keeping track of points in your heads and going to hit me with some huge numbers, right? I have been reading the Paleo Diet book, finally and LOVE it. If you haven’t read it, […]

Answering questions about your Paleo "meal plan"…

I say meal plan because I hate the way the word “diet” seems to make people feel all negative and sad. Here is a link to Byers Gets Diesel dealing with this subject. Check it out if you don’t already have it in your list of blogs to read. $50 Free People Gift Card Giveaway […]

Pay Lee Oh: Day 15

Hey! We are halfway though this 30 day challenge. How are you feeling? From what I gather, there are PR’s and goals being hit! I’m excited to see what happens at the end. I really did not stick to any sort of food plan AT ALL on my camping trip. My beef jerky was awesome, […]

Paleo Day 10

Hey Paleo people! I didn’t want to push my other post down but I thought you guys might feel weird about posting points on it…so here’s a separate one to update. We have a had a few casualties to our challenge, but the ones left are holding strong! I’m having trouble going to sleep at […]

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

Being Under the Weather

It has been hard sticking to Paleo principles while  not feeling well. I guess I got a bug of some sort again. Bleck. Yesterday I ate almost nothing but a couple pieces of toast and some soup. Today I ate only a little again, but stayed on plan. No bread or anything. What do you […]

Healthcare: Time to Think

Check out this  article. Great read. How to Think Constructively About Healthcare

Paleo: On the Road

We did NOT eat here… I have spent the last two of three meals wavering about sticking to the plan. Jared and I went out for dinner and I went back and forth on what to do. I knew we were eating out again tonight so I didn’t want to have an all out weekend […]