The Final 3 Days!

Our final Paleo Challenge day is Tuesday! We’ve had a few casualties along the way but those that have hung in there have been killing this and staying strong. Great job!

I don’t know about you,but I’m excited to continue this. In days past, after a challenge or extended period of “dieting” I had plans of all the things I was going to pig out on.I haven’t thought of that once. There are changes that I have made that are permanent. I had some brown rice last night and I’m not sure if I can blame that completely, but my stomach was not happy when I went to bed.

What are your plans after Tuesday? Are you hooked?

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8 Responses to “The Final 3 Days!”

  1. Jaala says:

    Yes I am hooked. But I still have cravings for sugary stuff, can’t deny that. I actually put a piece of birthday cake from my nephew’s party in the freezer to eat at the end of the challenge (I am a week behind you all). That said, I am realy excited about how I feel and how I am doing physically (I’ll write about it on my blog at the end of my challenge). Thanks so much for initiating this Martha!

    End of day 21 point total 130.

  2. Jaala says:

    Oops, that was my total yesterday…today is 137.

  3. Jaala says:

    point total today is 142.
    Soooooper long day at school soy got a soy chai to stay awake.

  4. Jaala says:

    you know what I meant, but the first “soy” should be “so”

  5. Rona says:

    i am hooked too
    the week has been full of being out with family and celebrations & even though i was not 100% i feel well and feel even better when i am on nearer to or @ 100%
    turning 50 has been fun!

    totals for
    fri= 5
    sat = 7
    sun = 3
    mon = 5

    so +20 thru monday the 31st.

    great job everyone
    i am totally enjoying the group dynamic on this

  6. Rona says:

    p.s. sugar IS a hard one to break free of jaala. i went through that myself about a year or two ago so doing the paleo now and removing the remnants of sugar have not increased any craving for it–in fact i’m pretty content without the protein bars and even without honey and agave, etc.

    the thing that surprised me a bit being out to eat a LOT this past week is that even though at home i have been off wheat and grains i was more than curious to try the bread! especially the amazing sour dough @ the fish house or other interesting looking fresh home made euro style ones.
    it’s amazing how some of those refined products have such a huge draw and appeal.
    i’m not really what i’d call a bread person either–

    my folks leave later today so i’ll be back ‘on’ the paleo path & simply cooking and preparing here @ home.

    i’d love to keep comparing notes as we continue beyond the challenge and give and receive support to and from each other.
    doing the paleo is the ONLY thing thats helped my weight budge the pudge in a lot of years. i’m down about 5 lbs without counting points or anything and am looking forward to living in the body that feels more comfortable to me via paleo and crossfiit lifestyles.

    i’m delighted to be getting to know you all. :)

  7. Rona says:

    add 6 points for me for tuesday

    so fri thru tues adds 26 points for me
    not perfect but not bad considering being away

    great job everyone!!!

  8. Jaala says:

    Total through today is 149. 6 days left for me.

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