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6 weeks…

to look like I’m 18 again. Ha. Just kidding. I was 110 lbs with a perm…no thanks. My 20!!! year reunion is in 6 weeks. Time to crack down. My mini challenge is beginning today. All I plan to do is tighten up the loose ends that went free at the end of the Paleo […]

Dreaming of Crossfit

I assume the reason I dreamed of Crossfit last night is because we talked about it at my nephews house and my son was relaying all about “crunk bat” (a crazy drinking game) at the Crossfit Games to all the guests at the party. Not sure that is the best way to get parents to […]

Football Gone Bad

3 Rounds, 1 Minute of each, 1 Minute rest btwn. rounds Score is total reps. Thrusters (jumping squats to a 1 ft target) 10,8,6 Box jump (20″) 21,19,18 Double Unders 30, 22, 20 Push Ups 16, 15, 13 Pull Ups 10,9,7 Total Score:224 Last time: 197


posts in one day? WOW! I read another blog, The Weigh I Am and she was talking about your “ideal”. Presuming that you workout to look good naked, which I think everyone has that in their mind at least a little bit. Am I right? I’ve been thinking about it and my ideal has changed […]

Funk Over, moving ahead

I’m better. I won’t even speculate why it happened or why it went away. I guess there are days you just have to make a choice to be happy and push through despite the sucky parts. Like someone once said “embrace the suck” about workouts, also translates to life. The suck makes you stronger. If […]


I haven’t been posting. Did anyone notice? I didn’t think so. I almost didn’t notice either. Until I got that great comment from “D”. I’m in a bit of a personal funk, and physical funk…I’m just funky. Not funky like I haven’t showered, just out of sorts. My attitude is bad. I’m grumpy and self […]

500 m row

Push Jerk 1 RM was on the menu for today but my shoulder acted up all of a sudden and shut me down. Row: 2.00.1 I should have evened my pace out more at the beginning and left some steam for the last 100, but my pace dropped too much to keep it under 2 […]

To the top!

The group who hiked up to the 2nd and 3rd lakes, originally uploaded by Randy and Kristi. On our semi-recent camping trip to Bishop, we hiked about 3000 ft to some most amazing lakes. Some of the boys jumped in and it was COLD! I should have done a handstand, but I forgot.

Post Paleo Challenge Thoughts

I had a great conversation with a good friend about what I thought about the Paleo Diet and where to go from here. I feel I’ve been a bit of a diet guinea pig the last few years and I’m really wanting to settle on something. I wonder though, if there is a perfect prescription […]

We did it!

If you look to the left you can see the finalists who made it to the end and kept me updated on their progress. What I loved about this most was the accountability and the (seemingly) complete honesty of all of you fine people. I think it goes without saying, but I’m going to say […]