Dreaming of Crossfit

I assume the reason I dreamed of Crossfit last night is because we talked about it at my nephews house and my son was relaying all about “crunk bat” (a crazy drinking game) at the Crossfit Games to all the guests at the party. Not sure that is the best way to get parents to bring their kids to CF Kids classes, son. :-)

My dream was me doing a workout in some desert location and it was nuts. We were lunging all over the place and there wasn’t enough equipment so we had to fight over it. Some chick stole my kettlebell and I almost beat her up, but you know, the clock was ticking and I just couldn’t let her beat me. Ha. I kept thinking I should just use a heavier one but didn’t want to. Not sure how it all ended, but apparently I have CF on the brain. What’s new?

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