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Clean & Jerk

Max Effort 110# Not sure what my last max jerk was but my last clean was 98, so that’s cool. Need to work on the dip of the jerk…quicker!

Cool Link

I am NOT a cook. I might have mentioned this before. I’m still trying to eat paleo, not always successful being a somewhat lazy and uninspired person when it comes to food. I found a link today that might be helpful to us who want to eat right but don’t want to work very hard […]

How about THIS for encouragement?

Smoke or you’ll get fat. What? Can you see the line at the bottom…”We do not say Lucky’s reduces flesh”! This is priceless! Wonder where those 20,679 physicians are now?

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants"

This is the best food advice I’ve read in, well, ever. I’ve been reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan This quote is from him and the book is quite interesting. I recommend it. Another thing he brings up is a term I had never heard before, “orthorexia nervosa”. This is an eating disorder […]

OHS / Tabata MashUp: KBS / DU

OHS 3-3-3 75-85(PR)-95(2) Tabata: Lowest score- KBS 9 / DU 10 (Got a PR of 30 unbroken DU’s!!!)

In Defense of Rest

Many of you out there reading are fitness people, people who enjoy working out, want to eat healthy and want others to, as well. What often comes with this love of all things fit, is the tendency towards overdoing it. I lean towards the side of wanting to do more, get better and excel. What […]

The wonder of it all.

IMG_0481, originally uploaded by jaredbangs. We decided to surprise the kids on Monday and take them to the movies but we thought we would keep it a secret until we got there. I can tell you without a doubt that they probably would have been happier going to Black Angus to eat. We do eat […]

A child no more…sort of.

My biggest kid on his 13th birthday! It’s hard to believe that I am the mother of a teenager, but rewarding in how awesome he is. So far he is a really nice guy. He tells his Grandma “I love you” with no embarrassment and kisses his mom in public. I wasn’t really prepared for […]

CrossFit: 2009/10/09

Max Effort: 5-5-5 reps of Deadlift @ 0 lbs : 170 WOD completed As Rx’d then, AMRAP in 10 minutes… Power Clean (85#) I tried the 95# RX’d but it was just a little too heavy. Muscle Up (subbed 3 PU/3Dip) 48 Reps (mostly cleans)

Progress of a different kind.

I’ve been blogging for a long while now. If you count my old blog, it’s been since June 2004. My father passed away today, 7 years ago. It got me thinking back and I wanted to see what I was doing at this time in the last few years and I thought you might want […]