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Spelling with Mrs. B

Here’s a very common mistake, but one that is easy to learn. In words that end in a silent e you must drop it before you add a vowel suffix. The silent e is no longer needed to make the preceding vowel long as the incoming vowel will do the trick: ride – riding     cure […]

Feeling Good

I’m ready. Tomorrow is the Team Challenge at CFV and I’m ready to rock it! I have been careful with my diet but not nazi status. Gosh, I’m just so over the ultra restrictive plans. Most people have never trained for a figure show. They don’t know the mental stress it brings. I have to […]

Post WOD Wisdom

Have been too busy to make an in depth post… Here is a comment from a certain 13 year old in Crossfit Kids. “I decided to focus on how I was doing the movement instead of beating the clock and it was easier!” Wow! Good thinking, kiddo!


it’s gone. Today is what you have. I’ve been reading this blog, an amazing story of struggle and courage and strength and this blog. I’ve been thinking about people who want to find “the meaning to life”. So, I’m not really trying to get mushy and deep. Well, uh…ok, I am. Get your thinking caps […]

Front Squat, etc.

A. Front Squat 5-5-5 rest 2 min B. Ring Rows 4/2; amrap X3 rest 2 min 3 Rounds: 30 sec. (55#) Power Clean rest 15 sec. 45 sec. (20″) box jump rest 30 sec. 27-27-29=83 Thing to work on: Box jumps BW: 127.4 St: 3 Sl: 8 MC: 10


2 Eggs 1/2 Grapefruit Almonds (15?) Coffee 1 oz cheese Lara Bar 2 Fish Tacos (corn tortillas, cabbage) Little bit of chips /beans 4 strawberries Chicken Breast & cucumber salad 1 oz cheese Soy Wasabi dressing 1 So Delicious Sandwich (addicted!)

Shoulder Press / Helen

Shoulder Press 5-5-5 48-58-68(3) Helen: 3X 400m run, 21 KBS(35#), 12 Pull Ups 12:49 (4 second PR) BW: 127 St: 4 Sl: 8 MC: 9


2 eggs 1/2 Sesame Bagel 1 oz cheese 1 Lara Bar 1 Roasted chicken Patty A lot of broccoli slaw Spoonful PB 2 Celery stalks PB Cheese Stick Steak Chili Sourdough (bad, but so good!) 1 So Delicious “ice cream” sandwich


2 Eggs 1/2 Grapefruit Coffee 1 oz cheese 1 Lara Bar 4 oz Tuna 1/2 C Pineapple Almonds Odwalla Protein Bar not that yummy but all I had. 5 Crackers! oops 2 Eggs 2 Muffins 8 oz Diet coke Water Not the best food day. Poor planning. BW: 127.7 St: 7.5 Sl: 7 MC: 8

Chocolate Strawberry Frozen Treat

5-6 Large Frozen strawberries 1/2-1 Cup almond milk 3 Tbl. Protein Powder (I used Myoplex chocolate) Blend Yummy! Really, it’s a protein smoothie, but I put it in a bowl and re-freeze it. Makes me feel like I’m having ice cream.