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Food Time!

I know I’ve mentioned a million times…I’m not a cook, chef, whatever. I don’t enjoy cooking that much, unless someone else cleans up after me. Last night I had a physical assessment at my gym which included a caliper pinch thingy. (Scientific name) Some of my readings were good, and some (ones I knew wouldn’t […]

Spelling with Mrs. B

I don’t know what it is, but spelling is important to me, especially when you are publicly posting your writings and actively hoping that others will read it. I make typos, I understand this error. What I do not understand is just not caring enough to go fix it. I read a lot of blogs […]

Eggs ‘n Bacon Wrapped Banana

I ventured out for my breakfast. Not too far, mind you. I’m not all THAT adventurous. For instance I WILL NOT be ordering liver from the grass fed beef man, super energized rats or not. I made this: While I LOOOOVE bacon, I’m not a huge fan of the banana. I thought maybe this might […]


I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time, and here goes. I am going to post some of my writing I’ve been doing for my writing class. Lately we have been taking small excerpts from other writing and then creating a story around it. This is the latest attempt. I have marked the original […]


Words for the day…suck it up! Suck it Up! By the way, we still don’t have a new mattress. I want the $2500 one and well, that’s just not that high on the list. Funny thing when you have kids, trips to DC and braces seem to wedge their way in above mama’s comfort. But […]