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Making Sense of Your Workouts

I know a lot of you (my 9 readers) do different styles of workouts, but I pretty much do Crossfit. It has evolved a lot over the two years I’ve been a part of the “phenomenon”. (Cue futuristic music) Lately, well- a lot longer than lately, we’ve been doing a lot of different things at […]

Crossfit Kids

Our kids program is blossoming slowly, like a bulb. But, it is blossoming. We can’t wait until this summer for some very exciting things we’ll be doing. Keep an eye out for them. You just might want to sign up your young’ns for them. Lots of exercise disguised as fun to be had! Check out […]

Watch this video…

post thoughts to comments. “No woman should lift over 3 lbs”…better stop getting pregnant and carrying your kids, Gwyneth. Workout Program

Just PICK something!

I want to be a goal setter. I like goals. Goals are good. But I always seem to get distracted. I REALLY want to get strict pull ups down, but I get distracted. What? You guys are doing handstands? OK, that’s WAY more fun than gripping a 30lb dumbbell in my thighs and jumping up […]

Love You.