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LOST Finale Delusions

If you have lived under a rock, I’ll let you in on a big TV happening. The LOST finale was last Sunday. I can’t fault you if you didn’t know as I am only a recent LOST convert. After watching a few shows when the series FIRST aired, I gave up on it. Shortly after, […]

Clicking and popping?

Great article from Steven Low on Eat. Move. Improve. If you are a trainer, there is some valuable information you could pass on to your clients when they say things like…”hey my shoulder clicks when I…” Click here.

Summer Goals

Two posts in one day…don’t get Craaaazy! Mmmmmhmmm. Yeah, anyway. I’ll be adding to this in the next few weeks. #1- 3 strict pull ups (honestly, I really don’t care as much about any others. If this happens, the rest will be a two cold, bubbly glasses of champagne on a school night.) #2-235# DL […]


echo…echo. Where have I been? I know! You’ve all been sitting hitting refresh over and over, just HOPING for a post from me. Me, me, me and my oh so important drivel. Well, here’s a run down: Work – includes various after school activities, plus creating this years yearbook. Gym – working out is just […]