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You may have noticed, especially if you use a reader for your blogs, that we have had some technical difficulties up in here. “We” lost about 6 months of posts. GASP! Oh the horror of not being able to read about every workout and injury that every crossed my path since Christmas! But really, each […]

First 8 AM

5X 400 m 5 Push Jerks (83#) 10 KBS (35#) 17:52

Think Thursday

So, you want to lose weight? You want to look good naked? What is it? So, what’s stopping you? I like to think about the future me. What would she like to be able to do? I look at my mom. She’s 82 and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s up and walking by […]

Row, Row, Row. No boats necessary.

My diet experiment was good today. Per instructions of Coach CJ, eat a bigger breakfast at 5:30am. Although I balked at the idea, I did it. Two egg muffins, about 5 large strawberries and a big ‘ole scoop of sunflower butter totally hit the spot. Well, the sun butter was a little gagalicious (not as […]

Product Review

I have found I like cleaning with ready made items. Like these. or these I’m probably going to get in trouble for being un-green, but heck, these things are awe.some. When I clean, I need easy. No bucket, mop , soap, scrubber….etc. I want to wipe my kitchen mat down in one step. With wipes- […]

Jackie is a friend of mine.

The workout of the day was “Jackie”. This includes a 1000m row, 50 33# Thrusters and 30 pull ups. I have never rowed over 500 for a workout so it worried me a bit. I decided to keep my pace fairly easy and just be steady. I was able to stay consistent most of the […]


I did my first 8am workout today. I’m going to have to adjust my food and such. I ate an egg and fruit before coaching the 6am and then was hungry again. So I went to the store real quick and bought some cheese and nuts. It got me through, but I think I better […]

Summer’s a’comin’!

Today is the last Monday of the school year! Yeah! We don’t start the new year until September 7th! Wow. We are one of the only schools that starts after Labor Day anymore and I love it. We choose to not take a week off in October, but it’s all good since we usually have […]

A letter to bread.

Dear Bread and family, I’d like to take a moment to say how much I miss you when you’re gone. It’s funny, when you ARE there, it’s like a warm toasty friend, if by chance your friend was covered in sesame seeds and buttered. I like it when you’re there. You fill a hole in […]