Think Thursday

So, you want to lose weight? You want to look good naked? What is it?

So, what’s stopping you?

I like to think about the future me. What would she like to be able to do? I look at my mom. She’s 82 and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s up and walking by 7 almost everyday. She never complains about things aching or getting older. She wants to travel and still thinks men are pretty fine.

Please excuse the outfits…it was an ugly sweater party. :-)

That’s what I want. I want to be a fierce gramma. A woman who seeks adventure and activity into my 80’s. Sure, there will be things that happen to my body as I age that might be a challenge but as I eat what’s good for my body and find new challenges in and out of the gym, I can better face the changes and might even slow them down a bit.

Think about it. How do you see the future you and is what you are doing today facilitating that person? If not, do something about it. No one can make the move for you.

Now, go!

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