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The Will to Survive

Crossfit Games 2010 – World’s Fittest For me the Crossfit Games is something that is now on my calendar, so to speak. There really is no decision whether or not I’ll go. Last year was amazing, but this year was beyond belief. Many people complained about the locale seeing as how it wasn’t “dirty” enough. […]

Squats 'n Dips

A1. Back Squat 30×0; 4-6 x4 (95-105-115-120) A2. Ring Dips AMRAP 1010 (5-6-5-5) 4 Rounds for time: 200m run 6 Suitcase lunges 6 Burpees 6 Suitcase lunges 6 Burpees Rest 90 sec. Time: 13:10

Look Up

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” GK Chesterton From Blogger Pictures I’ve been practicing looking up. I’m looking up on a daily basis. Not the research, wikipedia kind, although I do love looking stuff up. I remember poring over the World […]

This is what you missed.

If you missed the Crossfit Games, check out this video until I can finish my re-cap post.

WOD 7-19-10

3 Rope Climbs in 3 minutes: I got 2 + 2 partials 5X 10 Burpees w/ lateral jump over barbell 10 Sumo deadlift HP 65# 200 m Run 1 minute rest between rounds 16:17 (with rests)


This is late. Way late. I would rather do a good job and be late, I guess. My biggest boy “graduated” from 8th grade. It sticks in my throat a bit to use the word graduation anywhere other than from high school. I truly cannot stand Kindergarten graduations and 8th grade seems a little contrived […]

What motivates us?

Better get a bigger goal.

Yep. I did it. I just hopped up there, made sure no one was looking. Ya know, too much pressure. Davis saw, though. He can confirm the truth of the matter. I completed 3 strict pull ups! Amazing what some focused, concentrated training can do. Now what? Handstand push ups? Muscle up? Hmmm… Quizzes by […]

Grammar Police

Ok, I’ve had it with this one. It was even in “Eclipse” and seriously people, can we get this straight? When you REALLLLLLY don’t care about something you should say: “I COULDN’T care less.” Get it? What do most people say? “I could care less” This means, I don’t care that much and could possibly […]