The Will to Survive

Crossfit Games 2010 – World’s Fittest

For me the Crossfit Games is something that is now on my calendar, so to speak. There really is no decision whether or not I’ll go. Last year was amazing, but this year was beyond belief.

Many people complained about the locale seeing as how it wasn’t “dirty” enough. Really? Those people clearly have issues. I was perfectly happy to use flushing toilets and not have to soak the dust and dirt out of my skin and clothes at the end. The location was the Home Depot Center in Carson, Ca. If you have never been there, this is a pretty awesome sports complex. We used the track stadium and the tennis court which was transformed repeatedly through the weekend depending on the wod.

I’m truly amazed, daily, when I’m in my own little corner of the Crossfit community at people’s push to be better athletes, and just better humans. But these athlete’s have a will that was seemingly unshaken. They took on 9 workouts that were no joke. Pushed, pulled, squatted, climbed and ran their way to the end. Not one of them ever appeared ready to throw in the towel.

My two favorites both placed 2nd.

Iceland Annie is on the right in the black. Such a strong beautiful woman.

Rich Froning during the Overhead squat WOD

These two, although they didn’t place first, fought hard. Annie was especially inspiring since last year we watched her struggle to get a muscle up and this year she blasted through each and ever task set before her. Inspiring. Rich was just a no name, but I knew after seeing him interviewed that there was something about him that might just push him to the top. Too bad he couldn’t get that dang rope climb.

Here are the Female Winners…Kristan, Annie and Valerie. Congratulations!

And the Male winners…Graham, Rich and Chris. Way to go!

On top of all of the epic performances on the field, were the great people I got to hang out with and experience it all.

Britty was my driving partner and roomie. The best ever!

The gang…thanks for making it such a fun and memorable weekend!

And finally, something a little extra. You’re welcome.

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4 Responses to “The Will to Survive”

  1. April says:

    Oh yes, thanks for that last pic ;)

  2. Major says:

    Im one of those people with issues. I really missed Aromas and would have preferred the games there. HD Center was nice but it just wasn’t the games without Aromas…

  3. steph says:

    Rich… wow. =)

  4. Jaala says:

    Love the post Martha! Can’t wait until next year with the air conditioned box!

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