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If  you do anything physical…walk, sit, stand…move your body at all, this website is for you. I hear almost daily about people’s back pain, hip tightness…”I’ve got a pain in my ….(insert body part here)…” This website addresses these issues and really, everyone should be doing these exercises. They are simple stretches, but oh so […]

Central Coast Clash 2010

These are the workouts I’ll be competing in tomorrow. Should be pretty awesome. I haven’t be doing anything special to prepare except relying on the top notch programming of my coach and a bit of watching my diet. My priorities for tomorrow: 1. Have fun 2. Smile while working out 3. PR at least once […]

Product Review: Pumice Sponge

Crossfit and Calluses, they are like peanut butter and jelly. You probably won’t find a crossfit athlete without them. One of the hazards of having them is having them rip during a workout. Usually it’s about the 80th pull up that it happens for many people. I know. Ridiculous. Maintainance of your hands is crucial […]

Pay Now, Live later

I get asked a lot about Crossfit. I have no problem sharing my passion for the program and talking about why it’s so great for everyone. Then comes the question about money. How much does it cost? I really want to say, “It costs you your life.” I know that probably wouldn’t go over well, […]


26:42 (-1:02) I think the 25:00 by the end of the year is do-able.